the order Information

A performance with the participation of a group of 10 young men, who in real-time generate sound by using blankets made of a mixture of natural and synthetic fibers.

The point of departure for the project was the sound made by the prisoners of Siedlce Penitentiary while they were flapping their blankets, provoking me to reflect on the opposition between my own blanket – assuring me security and warmth – and a blanket in a group action, which is a kind of drill. The drill creates order as well as a community in which a multiplicity of individual bodies mutates into a single synchronized organism. The harmony of movement influences the intensity of the sound. The power of sound becomes a representation of the discipline in group action. In a collective sound comprised of flapping, the blanket becomes an organizing agent.
The sound composition is an interpretation of a specific room within the former warehouse containing bus parts, an element of industrial space characterized by discipline and physical effort. The architecture of this room – rhythmic and orderly – imposes dynamics and discipline on the movements trying to describe it. In the choreography, the sound describes the space, its character, as well as its properties.